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§ 18-105 Caplog Requirements.

(1) The owner of any wharf shall place on every side of such wharf facing the water a caplog, at least 8 inches in height above the level of such wharf and scalloped or pierced on the lower side thereof so as to allow the water to run off from the wharf, and shall maintain such caplog in good conditions. 6 Source: 1857 Ordinances, p. 155, as amended; 1924 Ordinances, p. 200.6

(2) The Department of Commerce may waive the foregoing requirements upon such terms and conditions as it may set whenever in its judgment public safety is otherwise assured.

(3) The Department of Commerce shall notify any person violating § 18-105(1) within a reasonable time, not less than 10 days.

(4) If the order of the Department of Commerce issued pursuant to § 18-105(1) is not complied with, the Department may itself or by contract place or repair a caplog to comply with this Section, the cost to be charged against the violator. The Law Department shall take such action for the collection of such costs by lien or otherwise as may be authorized by law.

(5) The penalty for violation of an order of the Department of Commerce issued pursuant to § 18-105(1) is a fine of $10. for every day that the violation continues.