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§ 3-304 Inspection.

(1) The Department of Public Health is authorized to make inspections, including the requiring of information and reports, the taking of samples, and the performance of tests, as necessary, to determine compliance with this Title and regulations adopted under it. For this purpose, the Department is authorized to enter and examine any establishment, institution or private residence at all reasonable times, as provided by law.

In the case of vehicles, these may be stopped for such inspection. Where the City of Philadelphia has jurisdiction, ships and airplanes may be boarded for inspection by uniformed employees of the City of Philadelphia.

(2) Where the Department of Public Health is satisfied that any other governmental or private agency or industry requires compliance with standards which are at least equivalent to comparable City standards, that their inspection service is effective, that an acceptable level of compliance is maintained and that such compliance is required by inspectors approved by the Department, it may accept the result of such inspections in lieu of making its own inspections.

(3) The Department of Public Health shall continue to exercise any functions and perform any duties in administering and enforcing the provisions of any act of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which is not hereby affected and which is or may be vested in or placed upon the Department so long as such acts remain in force.

(4) The Department of Public Health shall cooperate with state and federal inspection agencies and the regional agency, when and if one is empowered to act; that duplication of inspection shall be avoided wherever feasible and consistent with the protection of the public; and that reciprocity between, and augmentation of, existing inspectional services shall be encouraged.

(5) The Department of Public Health may contract to provide air pollution control services to other jurisdictions on a reimbursable basis. The Department may contract with other jurisdictions for air pollution control services.